Event News



Silak has formally sought to move the elections of the youth organizations in Banton from June to March from the incumbent officers and advisers of the said organizations. Below is an excerpt of the letter explaining the advantages of holding the elections in March:


1. The summer vacation is supposed to be the time of the year when the youth, free from studies and other schoolwork, could be more active in civic and social activities. This does not happen under the current setup as officers usually graduating students leave Banton immediately after graduation. We are lining up a good number of sports, leisure, civic and learning activities for the youth this summer and hopefully, with your help, year-on-year.


2.  We are exerting efforts to get Bantoanon youth to spend their vacation in Banton to help our island's economy and bring back the life of our beautiful town during summer. These include those who grew up in Banton but are studying outside as well as those who grew up outside of Banton. The youth organizations' induction balls serve as natural "come-ons" for the youth to stay in or come to Banton during the summer.


3. Finally, we are holding an annual leadership camp for youth leaders during summer. There won't be much use training the outgoing leaders.