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Flores de Mayo: Turnohan by Barangay Pushes Through


Finally, a week into the rainy month of May, Turnohan by Barangay pushes through. Dayon ka Turnohan!


The sanrokan spirit among kasimanwas in the yagting internet discussion group came alive just in time sparked by a P 10,000 challenge from an outsider. Listers fell short of meeting the challenge but the effort was inspiring that the Teotimo-Lourdes Faigao Clan decided to take the part of the challenger and even added 60 copies of Tuk-anan to form part of the prizes for the best palmas.


Turnohan will be held from May 11 to May 30, 2008. There will be a Grand Halar on May 31. The turnos will have the following order: Toctoc, Togbongan, Nabalay, Sibay, Tan-ag, Libtong, Nasunogan, Mahaba, Yabawon, Tungonan, Balogo, Kute, Banice, Togong, Malabiga, Lagang, Tumalum, Hambian and Poblacion.


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