date: June 12, 2007

If you have an existing documents in Word format or any other document type format, you can cut the content of your file and paste it inside the content area of the input form.

The following input fields in the form are:

1. Title
2. Document Summary
3. Article/News Content
4. Picture (if any)
5. Keyword Search
6. Publish/Online on
7. Date Created
8. Priority

Important Inputs

  This is important. This is needed in every news listings. Title must not be more   than 128 characters

  This is important. The summary will show at first glance the scope of the story. It   will be shown in news listings.

Article/News Content:
  This the full content of the story. It must be complete with title, date, author.
  Inline pictures are allowed provided the pictures point to the correct URL.

Publish/Online On:
  This is the date of your articles to be online.

Optional input:

  If your article has picture, you can upload the picture. The picture will appear in   the heading of your article.
  If your picture is inline with the content, put a checkmark on the User aligned/formatted picture.

Date Created:
  By default, the date is current date.

  If you have many artcies for the coming issue, you can set the priority listings.
  The lower the number, the first in the list to appear.

If all the needed inputs are in place, click the Submit Button.